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 Father's Son

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Vampire Squid
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PostSubject: Father's Son   06.10.13 10:20

From the Free At Noon Gig in Philly

I made up a song called Father's Son, it's on the new record. I just want to clear the air for everybody in Philadelphia. Here's the thing: It's a matter of speech when you say "You're your Father's Son", right? You get what that means? Everyone get's what that means, right?

This song is about how much of a ___________ little shit I can be. My Dad is not that way at all, he's a wonderful, great human being. So if it was true to form I would have actually called the song like "You are your uncle's nephew" or something. Because my uncles are up to the same kind of bullshit that I am.

So I just want to clear the air and make sure that everybody in the room knows that my old man is one of the best men standing.

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Father's Son
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