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 Tote bags and such things...

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Fighting Back
Fighting Back

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PostSubject: Tote bags and such things...    29.05.14 1:13

Hello crazy critters!!! :)oops wrong forum.. I mean Rankers and Rotters Wink

This is sort of an update to my previous post.. although i did not post it here... it was in another section.

Thanks to the wonderful, enola, I was able to get the tote bag provided by I'll say it before and I'll say it again; Manuela, you rock!  Very Happy 

If you happen to know anyone wanting to sell or trying to get rid of or better yet know of somewhere I could get hold of this beauty (see link below) It would be much appreciated; with or without vinyl.

I am also seeking a Pray for Tucson tshirt (see link below) I'm aware that there are a some on ebay every so often, but never in my size  No this might be fairly unlikely but if anyone is looking to sell theirs, Do not hesitate to contact!

Thank in Advance my fellow peers

Peace out and let me know via PM  lol! 

Thank you ! Smile
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Tote bags and such things...
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