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 Philly Record Release Show

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Fighting Back
Fighting Back

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PostSubject: Re: Philly Record Release Show   09.10.13 10:18

enola wrote:
Thanks for sharing your pics and video, Shelby!

What I heard from the shows so far they were these one of a kind shows you wish you'd been there if you haven't and you remember forever if you'd been!
This is gonna sound WAY more negative than I mean it to be, but I don't know that I'd go THAT far, but it was pretty awesome. Then again, don't mind me, my standards have reached impossible levels with Dave. After seeing that clip from the second show (that Lorraine posted) though I think I didn't get the better of the two. But, not complaining, I'm psyched I got to hear these songs live already instead of having to wait till the spring, and it got me super excited for the US tour!

But don't beat yourself up for not flying over from Europe, haha.
4 hour car ride with NYC traffic =worth it.
6+hr flight, over $1000 spent on flight, hotel, etc. = not worth it.
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Philly Record Release Show
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